Emissions free Pulse 63 latest RIB from RS Electric Boats

Following an overwhelmingly positive response to the Pulse 58, the world’s first electric RIB, RS Electric Boats has developed the boat’s design and technology to bring out the next generation model – the Pulse 63.

The new version is slightly longer at 6.3m and features a more efficient hull shape to reduce drag and promote quick acceleration. It also has more open space onboard with the drive system set flush into the transom. The 46kw Hyperdrive battery pack provides up to 400v of power to the RAD hubless rim drive, resulting in, says the company, quicker acceleration, ample range, excellent manoeuvrability and minimal maintenance.

Available in four configurations leisure, commercial, coaching and superyacht, buyers can further customise their electric RIBs to suit their needs.

RS Electric Boats says the Pulse 63 is built using sustainable materials and is entirely emissions-free. The batteries can be charged to full power in eight hours on the dock overnight or in 50 minutes via a 3-phase charging point. Running costs are low too.

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