Fert Yachting offers ‘eco-charter’ aboard MODX 70 catamaran

MODX Catamarans

MODX Catamarans has appointed Swiss yacht management firm Fert Yachting as the exclusive chartering partner of the MODX 70 catamaran.

Designed by the French shipyard Océan Développement, the 21.33-metre MODX 70 has an automated rig consisting of two carbon masts supporting two inflatable wings, which MODX says makes it 1.7 times more efficient than a conventional rig.

Capable of reaching speeds of 10 knots, the MODX 70 features an efficient hydrogeneration system that uses variable-pitch propellers, generating 3 to 15kWp depending on the vessel’s speed. The MODX 70 is also equipped with 70m2 of solar panels, producing 15kWp.

MODX 70 Catamaran

Renewable energy charter

This mix of sail and renewable-energy engine propulsion means the MODX 70 catamaran is capable of sailing with total autonomy using renewable energies, and theoretically has unlimited range.

“We are proud to launch this exclusive collaboration with Fert Yachting, a key partner in the field of luxury and tailor-made travels,” says Marco Simeoni, president of Océan Développement shipyard.

“This new, unique and committed ‘eco-charter MODX 70’ offer will enable many customers to share exceptional and eco-responsible maritime experiences on board the MODX 70 series.”

The yacht is available for stays of one week or more and will operate in the Balearic Islands from 17 July to 2 September 2024.

From 2025, the yacht will be available for shorter off-season experiences.

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