Sea Sure upscales to keep pace with SHOCK-WBV orders

Over 200 SHOCK-WBV shock mitigation units are currently in build at Sea Sure’s Warsash premises.

“This is the first time we’ve manufactured on this scale for this product,” says Graham Brown, Sea Sure MD. “And we’re delighted to be doing so.”

The recent upscale in production is due to securing a substantial order from a customer for public service use. Sea Sure was able to use its manufacturing expertise to quickly increase production and meet the customer’s deadlines and expectations. This order, along with those already in the books from boatbuilders and retailers, means Sea Sure has moved six staff onto an assembly line, instead of one person building a unit a time.

The factory makes all components for the shock mitigation units inhouse (aside from the shock absorbers made by FOX Factory).

“It’s a very exciting time,” says Graham. “We’re noticing a significant increase in repeat custom as well as these significant orders for fleets. Our SHOCK-WBV units are a fairly recent innovation – we’ve gone through three iterations to get them to their comfortable current form, and now we’re reaping the rewards of our initial customers’ trust in the product. We’ve got RIB manufacturers and boat builders from around the world placing new orders, as well as defence forces and, as word spreads, our consumer distributors are selling out.

“The difference in ride comfort is extreme,” says Graham. “Aside from answering all the health and safety measures surrounding the impact of ‘shock’, our systems make the ride genuinely comfortable. Once people have tried SHOCK-WBV, against what they already own and against other shock-mit manufacturers, they come to us to buy.”

Designed, tested and manufactured in the UK to reduce whole body vibration via an under-seat retro-fit shock mitigation system, SHOCK-WBV’s ranges are specifically designed for commercial vessels (C-series), pedestals (P-series) and RIBS (R-series). As well as hundreds of hours on the water testing, SHOCK-WBV units are also tested on Sea Sure’s in-house ISO state-of-the-art drop test facilities.

Sea Sure also manufactures SHOCK-WBV’s Omega Series which is a versatile, flexible and hard-wearing modular seat insert system. Designed to improve comfort and safety, the Omega Series modular design means it fits within any sized cushions. The larger the cushion, the more units are used. It can be fitted to seats along with SHOCK-WBV mitigation units to help meet the requirements of the EU Vibration Directive 2002/44/EC. Plus, should any water get in, the system drains immediately (unlike foam where water ingress reduces performance).

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