Superyacht crashes into three jet skiers in Solent

A crash involving a superyacht “could have killed someone” after the vessel ploughed into three parked jet skis in the Solent leaving three people injured, according to The News.

The incident by No Man’s Land Fort at around 10:30am on September 6 sparked a frantic rescue operation by Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service (GAFIRS) before the riders were brought ashore at Camber Quay, East Street.

One of the victims was rushed to hospital after suffering seven cracked ribs and fluid on the lung, while another man was “thrown into the air” with his jet ski “ripped in half” during the incident.

No arrests have yet been made, authorities have said.

A jet skier told The News, the superyacht captain needs to be brought to justice after the “disgusting” act.

“This person needs to be named and shamed and brought before court,” they said. “You shouldn’t be in charge of a boat like that if you are so irresponsible.

“To go and hit three jet skiers is disgusting. I’m surprised no-one was killed.”

Describing the scene, they said: “There were three jet skis parked up chatting and the next thing there is suddenly a superyacht that goes straight through the middle of them. For the captain to then turn around and say they “shouldn’t have got in the way” is arrogant and bang out of order.”

Clashes between jet skiers and yacht owners are regular occurrences, it was claimed. “We know jet skiers are the most hated people on the sea, but this person has taken it one step too far,” the source said. “There are some jet skiers who give us a bad name but most of us are not like we are portrayed and behave respectfully.”

Lifeboat crew from GAFIRS

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency confirmed there was an incident involving a vessel and jet ski at the location. A spokesman said: “They were tasked to this incident which involved a reported collision between a vessel and jet ski. We are not – as it stands – looking into this incident from an investigations standpoint.”

Meanwhile, the Queen’s Harbour Master, which is responsible for safety in the water where the collision happened, said its investigation was still ongoing: “There was an incident involving a motorboat and three personal water crafts which we are looking into after receiving a report. Our investigation is ongoing.”

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