Second marina fire in three days in Chesapeake Bay


Three days after a fire at Podickory Point marina on Chesapeake Bay’s western shore destroyed two boats and damaged three more, a large fire broke out at Great Oak Landing marina on the eastern shore on board a motor boat.

Two occupants on board the 42ft motor boat were awoken by the fire and briefly attempted to put the blaze before evacuating the boat.

The Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company was first on the scene and reported: “Just as the crews started to hit this fire with hose streams, it’s believed the vessel’s fuel cell was compromised. Before being driven back by hose streams, a large fire ball ensued which briefly engulfed several firefighters. Thanks to personal protective equipment in use and properly adorned, there were no injuries.”

According to the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company, a short time after firefighting operations had commenced, fire boats began to arrive. Unfortunately, due to extensive fire damage and the volume of water needed to control the fire, the vessel rapidly sank in its slip.

There were 35 firefighters at the incident and no reported injuries. Crews deployed 300ft of harbour boom around the incident to contain the leaking fuel. Clean up of the spilled fuel will be the responsibility of a private contractor. An origin and cause investigation will be difficult, as the vessel is currently underwater. If possible, it will have to wait until the vessel can be raised.

All video and images courtesy of Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company.

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