Watch: American Magic in close call with jet ski

American Magic’s entry to the America’s Cup has been captured racing just metres past a small fishing vessel in the Hauraki Gulf.

Patriot can be seen moving towards the man filming from a jet ski around 100 metres away.

The driver can be heard to say ‘here we go’ but seconds later, as the size and speed and proximity of Patriot becomes apparent, he changes his tone.

“Far out, f**k this,” he says. Patriot races by within around 10m, humming all the while.

It’s not clear whether the jet ski in question had strayed into an area of the harbour outside of that marked for smaller vessels, but American Magic CEO Terry Hutchinson says it has been common for America’s Cup fans to try to get as close as possible to the AC75s over the past months, mostly to show support to the teams.

“The things that we can’t go control is, when people wanna come and have a look, they come and have a look and that’s not our responsibility so the only thing that we can really control is us,” Hutchinson told the New Zealand Herald.

Auckland’s maritime rules explain that all vessels must not exceed a speed of 5 knots if within 50m of any other boat and while the boating community has been alerted that AC75 boats are training within the harbour this summer, they receive no special privileges when it comes to collision prevention.

Hutchinson says the person in question did exactly what the team recommends if an AC75 approaches your vessel on the water.

“If we approach your boat on the water, and your boat is still, hold your station and stay still until we are well past you. This lets us plan how to pass safely. If you are moving when we approach you, hold your course and speed.

“In general, boaters should know that we do not recommend going between our bright orange training buoys as we approach them.

“Our safety boats and internal radio communications are there to ensure our safety and the safety of the boats we are fortunate to share the harbour with.”

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