Wave Boards recycles surf boards to SUPs

An inventive man from Modbury is creating rideable works of art by saving old surfboards and converting them into sleek paddle boards.

Roy Sanders, the managing director of Wave Boards, says he wants to help as many people as possible enjoy the wonders the ocean has to offer, according to the Plymouth Herald.

“We’re currently recycling old, damaged surfboards to prevent them sitting on landfill for hundreds of years,” says Sanders who’s been running his company for two years.

“We do this by creating rideable works of art. We create bespoke, handcrafted paddle boards as well as saving old, damaged surfboards that are destined to be thrown away.

“We rebuild these using the Wave Boards finish of Balsa and Western Red Cedar so they can be ridden again.

“Our boards are also used for wedding guest books. These are then displayed in the home to be enjoyed for years after.”

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