Watch MIN/GMBA/PSP’s online seminar Export Insights: France

The first online seminar collaboration between Marine Industry News, Global Marine Business Advisors (GMBA) and PSP Logistics is now available to view.

In this entertaining and deeply informative session, Jean-Michel Gaigné (GMBA) takes a comprehensive look at the French marine market and offers insights for those wishing to explore the lucrative opportunities exporting offers.

Gaigné explores the diverse consumer behaviour in three key regions (Channel, Atlantic and Mediterranean) and reflects on the 200+ professional sailing teams which are headquartered in France. As a non-exhaustive example, he notes that in France few companies, even sometimes none, are manufacturing outboard engines, electric engines, winches, marine electronics, lifting equipment for marinas and more, and describes the keys to entering these markets (including the need to have a technical sheet in French).

The online seminar was made possible by sponsorship from PSP Logistics. In the session Shaun Parsons, director PSP, describes how Sunseeker, Fairline and Princess are moving their yachts to the Mediterranean, getting themselves in position for upcoming shows.

Parsons notes that good partners are needed for British manufacturers, and talks about PSP’s partner in Nice which has been invaluable in helping with customs clearance and new requirements post Brexit.

“We’ve trained all our staff to deal with the customs elements going forward,” says Parsons. “There are ways to get through the problems. Do your research, and do it right. We can see windows of opportunity for people, and can see business growing already.”

Both GMBA’s Jean-Michel Gaigné and PSP Logistic’s Shaun Parsons are happy to take direct questions.

Keep an eye out for details of the next export insights seminar – to be announced shortly.

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