Yamaha launches aluminium hull inflatable range

Yamaha has unveiled its new range of aluminium hull inflatable boats – the YAM 350, 310 and 270 TAf.

According to the company, the aluminium hulls of the range mean the vessels are incredibly lightweight, and thus require less horsepower to drive them through the water.

This results in a more efficient engine and boat combination, reducing the cost of ownership both at the outset and throughout the life of the vessel, Yamaha says. 

The aluminium hulls also offer an advantageous rigidity, allowing the operator to confidently handle their boat in choppier waters and enjoy supreme manoeuvrability.

All new YAMs are available with a range of Yamaha Outboards and a selection of seating configurations. An optional bench seat and console is available on the TAf models. While the bench seat offers comfortable seating and storage beneath, the console gives added protection and the option for a remote throttle and additional navigation electronics as required. For additional seating and storage a cushioned seat is also available adjacent to the console.  

The 350TAf is 350cm length overall and has a beam of 160cm. The bareboat weight is 72kg with a capacity for four adults plus one child. Engine options including a lightweight Yamaha 25hp.

Yamaha says the 310TAf is the ‘perfect partner for action and adventure, playing host to your latest fishing expedition’.  Engine options include the latest Yamaha 20hp featuring battery-less EFI, with the vessel weighing 60kg.

The 270TAf is the most compact boat in this range, with engine options including the Yamaha 8hp and  6hp. This boat is 265cm (total length) and has a 159cm beam. The bareboat weight is 41.5kg, making it easy to handle out of the water. It offers a three adult, one child capacity.

Yamaha’s STi range of craft has also been renamed as the ‘Air’ range. The range comprises the YAM 240 Air, 275 Air and 310 Air-V.

One response to “Yamaha launches aluminium hull inflatable range”

  1. Dan Fisher says:

    Yamaha make high quality products and I have an older aluminium hulled small RIB with a 15hp Yamaha myself. Its a great combo as many would agree.

    I am puzzled however why any RIB manufacturer would design a range with a black section of pontoon where the skipper has to sit every time.

    Fremantle, Western Australia (yes – its hot and sunny here)