VIDEO: Superyacht design sports ‘giant hole’ in the middle

Italian design studio Lazzarini has revealed a new superyacht concept, which features a giant hole through the superstructure.

Named The Shape, the 226ft superyacht concept sports a large void in the centre of the vessel’s superstructure, which is accessible via a door at the vessel’s bow. The ‘hole deck’ as Lazzarini has refered to it, can be customised to a client’s request with options including leaving it unobstructed as a sun lounging space.

The Shape is topped by a glass-bottom infinity pool situated on the upper deck. The design studio is known for its futuristic design concepts, including the land-and-sea six-cabin Crabmaran superyacht design, which was unveiled in early 2021 and is designed to travel on sea, mud and sand.

If built, The Shape superyacht is designed to run on clean energy, with a propulsion system powered by hydrogen and a large solar panel on its sundeck.

One response to “VIDEO: Superyacht design sports ‘giant hole’ in the middle”

  1. Lindsay Gatward says:

    This has to be the most spectacular display of decadent wealth you could achieve to impress your pals – All that cost and so little facility absolutely brilliant – You have to wonder what other picadilloes are satisfied aboard such spectacular indulgencies – It is beautiful and what goes in it will be too.