Watch: slow but sure footage of container ship capsize

An Indonesian container ship, Mentari Crystal, capsized alongside the pier at Teluk Lamong Terminal, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia on Sunday.

The footage shows the vessel and the fate of its 137 containers.

All crew members were reported as safe, and reports suggest the ship became highly unstable due to container stowage and faulty ballasting.

Faruq Hidayat, director of PT Terminal, says that operational services at the port terminal are back to normal.

“There are several steps we have carried out to normalise operations at our terminal. Shortly after the incident, we immediately evacuated the crew members and MV Mentari Crystal containers, the next step was to arrange and adjust the ship berthing service scheme to ensure that the service continues to run normally.”

“Our focus right now is how to keep shipping at the port uninterrupted, apart from that we also ensure that environmental pollution does not occur as a result of this incident,” says Perak Sudiono, harbourmaster.

As well as crew evacuation, one of the measures taken was to place an oil boom at the scene, according to Marine Insight.

One response to “Watch: slow but sure footage of container ship capsize”

  1. Michael Williams says:

    What a great shame, but credit to those involved in securing the scene, and the environmental impact as well as the cargo and ship rescue…

    Will done on executing your action plans…

    Nottingham, UK

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